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Mike and Nikki
Mike and Nikki Milligan;
founders, owners and operators of Torpedo Tours
since 1998
Aloha! We are Mike and Nikki Milligan. When you dive with Torpedo Tours you will dive with one of us. People ask us why we don't have a dive shop to go with our charter boat business, and our reply has always been, "We didn't start a dive company to sit in a shop." That's where most owners find themselves. So if you are looking to dive with two dive-a-holics, who spend their days seeking out rare and exciting critters, come let us show you our underwater world!

Here's a little history....

After meeting at the University of Oregon in 1989, and graduating in 1992, life has been quite an adventure. After a brief year of being ski bums in Sun Valley, Idaho, we decided to head out to see the world. We ended up living overseas for three and a half years. As a couple of backpackers hopping from country to country, snorkeling naturally lead to diving, and once we became certified, we were hooked. Our quest for adventure increasingly centered around visiting exotic and diverse dive destinations. Hawaii became a great place to stop over on those long flights over the Pacific Ocean, and during one stopover in April of 1998, we decided to extend our stay a little bit.

Nikki goofing around

Eleven years later, we're still on our layover! We are now both Dive Instructors, USCG Captains, we hold recreational licenses for Decompression Diving, Nikki is Semi-Closed Rebreather certified and Mike is a Trimix diver. After thousands of dives, and even more hours cruising around our beautiful ocean fishing and looking for creatures of the deep, we still look forward to the next adventure. Everyday brings us new surprises and gifts from mother nature. We still regularly have "firsts" and are excited to share them.

Mike and octopus
Mike with octopus dreadlocks

We would just like to give a shout out and a warm "Mahalo" to all of those who over the last 11 years have spent their vacations allowing us to share the adventure. Some of you met us on the side of the road with our big white van and arsenal of Torpedoes, all those years ago, and now today, get to reap the fruits of our labor by relaxing on our fabulous boat. Thank you for your investment in Torpedo Tours... our only wish is to continue to provide you with satisfying dividends!

Mike bubble rings
Mike's got talent!

Those who wish to share their stories with future family members of Torpedo Tours, shoot us and email and we'll put them in the Guest Book.

Nikki and Butterflies
Nikki and Butterflies
Nikki and Sharks
Nikki swimming with sharks
Mike and friend
Mike swimming with a friendly little shark
Wahine fishing team
Mike and Nikki with our WINNING wahine (women's) fishing team.
Kona Classic fishing tournament, June 2007
Way to go ladies!!

Now, the newest member of our team.....

My name is Scout. I was born on July 28th, 2009. Mike and Nikki adopted me when I was 10 weeks old. I love the boat, I love swimming and I love meeting new people everyday. Enjoy these photos of me. Aloha!

Hanging out on the bridge of the boat. 10 weeks old

Chillin' on the swim deck after a refreshing dip. 3 months old


Christmas Day, 2010 I'm a lucky boat puppy! 5 months old
Working on strengthening my "sea legs" 3 months old
Whale watching, 6 months old
Here, I'm a year and a half old and one of my
favorite things to do is watch the dolphins!
Where did those dolphins go?


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