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Green Listed Activity

February 3, 2010

I had such a great time cruising with you both for Steve's B-Day whale excursion. Baby Jazzy is pretty adorable with her flaring little flipper.

baby breach
Huge MAHALO for making the day great!


January 7, 2010

Hi Nikki & Mike
We always enjoy diving with you.
We see great ocean life.
Jelly fish

Hiroko & Scott


April 10, 2009

Hi Mike and Nikki,

I had a wonderful time diving off your boat. Diving with the hammerheads was a once in a lifetime experience, thanks again. I will e-mail the pictures I had taken within one week. I hope you are both well, talk to you soon............
Dave and Precious


March 18, 2009

Hi Nikki & Mike !

We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful time we had diving with you in Kona last week. The dive with the eagle rays, swimming through the lava tubes, whale watching and snorkelling with the dolphins are experiences we will never forget. And the Manta Night Dive was absolutely AWESOME!!! You made all of us feel very comfortable and at home on your boat. We hope to get back to Kona soon to dive with you again. Here are a couple of photos from our time with you - please feel free to put them on your website if you wish!

Dixie & Jim Greenwood
and.. Paul, Leah, Kevin, Cindy, Deb, Cindy, Susan, Helen
Simcoe, Ontario Canada

Box Fish

Puffer Fish

March 1, 2009

Hey Mike and Nicky!
Gwilym here, just dropping you a line to say thank you very much for everything again!

Just been watching the videos of our dives and fishing really missing all you guys, wish I was still there.

Had an amazing time with you guys and can't wait to come back see you again sometime.



February 24,2009

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!

Eagle ray, morays, Spinner Dolphin, bottlenose, humpbacks, mantas, octopi, frogfish, flatworms, lava tubes, caverns, white tips, dorids, largte tiger cowries etc. etc. . . . . amazing again!!!!

Not bad for 5 dives.

Thanks again,

tired, jet-lagged Jeff in 22 degree Brooklyn, NYC


February 11, 2009

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for everything. I'm so happy we went and even more stoked about my husband making me get in the water. I was so scared, but it was amazing. The best experience of my first trip to Hawaii.


Julie (Jules) & James Greenfield
Salt Lake City, Utah

December 23, 2008
Mike and Nikki,
David and I had such a great time with you guys, and I will never forget my octupus experience! We would love to keep in touch with you guys, as we are already planning our next trip to the Big Island. We also would love to see you guys come out here and spend some time at our cabin, and maybe even check out the music scene here in Athens.

Thanks for showing us the meaning of Aloha-much Mahalo to you both.

David and Sue

December 2, 2008
Hi Mike and Nikki,
Thanks again for the dives, it was amazing. Just few pictures to show you that I didn't miss the octopus... I hope that we could come back soon to dive in Big island,
All the best,



I want to say a hearfelt MAHALO for the many fabulous dives My son and I have experienced with you.  We always feel like family when we are diving with you!  Some of the most incredible dives we have had have been with you on your boat!  From Lobster hunting to playing with octopus to experiencing cleaner shrimp in our mouths to spending the entire dive with a pod of wild dolphins, you definately know how to create unforgettable undersea memories! 

A trip to Kona would not be complete without a dive with you!
Marcie Benvin  and Christian Benvin
Reno, Nevada  


I had a great time thank you so much for showing a NEWBY the
ropes.... : ) You have my permission to use the photo because I want
people to know what they will be missing out on if they don't choose you....
: ) everyone was astonised at the beauty the underwater world has to offer
and I think I even got a few people that never had a desire to scuba to at
least try it because of its beauty. I hope you and Mike are doing well and
business is great. Please tell him I said Hello, and thanks again for the
wonderful experience you showed me. I look forward to hearing from you
soon. Keep in touch and take care.

Thanks again

Nikki and Mike,

I wanted to send you two a couple of pictures that I took diving with
you all last week. The only problem is picking the ones to send. Not
an easy choice. So here’s one of the octopus. I’m still buzzing over
the dives and have been sharing pictures and stories with anyone who will listen.

Thanks again for taking me aboard. I will call you as
soon as I get back to Kona. Enjoy the photo!!

Greg Panagiotis

Thanks for the most amazing diving trip of my life! All of the best to the two of you! When we come to Hawaii again, we will contact you for a dive and maybe some skiing on Mauna Kea!

Mikael and Jaana

Mike & Nikki:
Now that we're home back in Wisconsin, we can't stop talking about what a wonderful experience we had on your boat!  You're both unbelieveably knowledgable, and made our trip so memorable.  You made everything so much more intimate, and I'm very happy I was able to spread my husband's ashes out in the Pacific off Kona, where we had so many great times.  The "near catch" of the Marlin was awesome, not to mention the hundreds of dolphins swimming along side of us as well as the pilot whales!!! Thanks again, for making the experience something we'll talk about for a long, long time!  Maybe we can do it again sometime! 
Darcy Widmer / Michael Widmer

Greetings to Mike & Nikki,
      I really enjoyed the 4 scuba dives with Mike on October 11th and 15th. The abundance of sea life, the clarity & warmth of the water, and Mike's friendly & knowledgeable guidance, made for memorable experiences. I greatly enjoyed using the torpedo on all our dives! It was a lot of fun and surprisingly simple to operate.
   I definitely recommend Torpedo Tours for any diver who desires personal attention, skilled and friendly dive masters, and a wonderful & memorable adventure.
Best of Luck to You Both,

J Cohen

We've been snorkeling around the world for 13 years and have never had the fun we did on the Big Island in November of this year. We did a tour with Nikki and were amazed at how much more water we could cover using the Torpedo. We would both recommend them for anyone who might not be as good of swimmer as they'd like. They help you with flotation and moving thru the water. Just covering so much more water enabled us to experience a great deal more marine life and run into lots more fish. It was great fun. My husband swears he is getting one for Christmas, won't he be surprised when he has to return to Hawaii to go Torpedoing again with Nikki and Mike. It's just a great experience.
Thanks to you both,

R& K Greene


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