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Schedule two or more tours and receive 10% off!*
Schedule 4 or more people and receive 10% off!

* Only one discount will apply. Private Charters can be eligible for further discounts, if multiple Private Charters are booked at one time. Dive Packages can be eligible for further discounts if booking 6 or more divers together. Prices do not include tax. Tax is 7.17%

Daily charters:
The two tank morning charter is 4.5 hours in duration and includes lunch. Optional fishing or dolphin and whale watching is included free of charge.

The Torpedo is available on all of these tours.

The following Specialty Dive Tours are a lot of fun and a great way to increase the possibility of big animal encounters. They can be reserved for any day, but must be reserved in advance.

Manta Ray Night Dive- Rated as one of the top 10 dives in the world, it is often described as "surreal". Here is how it works: The divers and snorkelers gather together with all of their lights to attract the plankton. The mantas come to feed on the plankton which results in a manta ballet that is truely magestic. If you are interested in this dive check out our video clip because words do not do it justice.1

Deep Dives- To recreational limits of 130 feet, we have interesting sights including small wrecks. Encounter rarely seen species of fish, garden eels and colorful shrimp. In some places our coral reef extends to 130 feet and beyond! Most of our deep dives are a multilevel profile, so you will follow the contour of the reef up to shallower depths for an extended dive time and opportunity for more variety. Good buoyancy control is a must. Highly recommended for macro photographers.

Photography Dives- Our guides know where to find great critters. If photography is your passion, let us help you get the subjects you want. Some photography favorites include: turtle cleaning stations, shrimp cleaning stations, eels, octopus, frog fish, scorpion fish, lion fish, nudibranchs, sharks, dolphins, eagle rays and manta rays. Increase your odds, we'll take you there.

Snorkel Kona- It's easy and exciting. You never know when a pod of dolphins will be waiting to play or a manta ray will be cruising by. Combine that with hundreds of species of colorful fish and calm, clear water and you'll have yourself one fine way to spend the day. Our knowledgeable crew will take you to the best spots for maximum critter interaction. The 4.5 hour cruise includes lunch and snorkel gear.

Want to see even more? Add a Torpedo to your day. They float and turn off automatically when you let go. They are very easy to operate and will propel you along at a nice gentle pace. Any struggle against a wave or ocean current is virtually eliminated. You must be at least 9 years old to operate the Torpedo. However smaller kids can ride "tandem" with their parents. It's easy for everyone!

Manta Ray Night Snorkel- A great way to get up close and personal with the manta rays. Check out our video clip to see for yourself. Previous snorkeling experience is recommended.

Affordable Private Charters - Customize your own day on the water. These are some of our most popular tours. Includes; experienced captain, fishing equipment and snorkeling gear.
Got a mix of divers and snorkelers? Our Dive/Snorkel/Fish Private Charter includes all tanks, weights and your own Dive Master. For a mix of divers and snorkelers of up to 14 people.

Scuba Introductory Lessons and Scuba Certification- Check out our Dive Education page for descriptions and prices.

Fishing- In Kona, the most commonly caught fish are as follows:
Mahi Mahi (aka, Dorado)
Ono (aka, Wahoo)
Albacore, Big Eye and Yellow Fin Tuna.
Striped, Black and Blue Marlin
Trolling Kona waters for these magnificent fish is world renowned. Big fish can be caught in close proximity to Kona making our water more bang for the buck! There are also good chances of seeing whales, dolphins and sharks. We regularly fish on our morning, afternoon and evening dive and snorkel charters. We cruise at trolling speed while going between locations, you never know when we might hook up with the big one! It's a lot of fun, everyone can participate and all are welcome to take some fish home for dinner.
For a private charter, email for pricing.
Fishing Tournaments: Prices vary

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